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Your new website is up and running and things are starting to look up. The problem you are having now is the calls are just not coming in. How do you reach potential customers and have them engage in your nice new website? One of the best ways is the use of Social Media.

Sites like Facebook can be an invaluable tool in reaching and engaging potential customers. The best thing about Facebook is you may have the opportunity to reach hundreds or even thousands of people without spending a dime.

Creating engaging posts can help you branch out and spread your company name. Ask your friends and family to 'Share' the posts you create and this can help you get your message out.

You can always 'Boost' your post on Facebook, but this does cost money. This can be a great way to reach more people in your targeted location. Setting a daily budget can also insure that what your spending on the post does not get out of hand.

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