How Much is Too Much?

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In today’s busy society it’s important to focus on what content and what message you are trying to convey to the people who will be using your website.
A good website should convey to the user what it is you sell or what message your trying to send to the user in under 30 seconds.
With this in mind it’s important to briefly state in text what point you are trying to convey. If you are selling dog collars for example,
you may not want to have a full page of nothing but text that will force the user to read through in its entirety before they know that your selling dog collars.
You need to ask yourself if this message could be sent to your user by using photos and a list of reasons why you need a quality collar.
In using this method you might be able to get your message across in a short paragraph instead of a long drawn out page.
Try using a good combination of lists and images to convey your message; you might be surprised with the results!
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