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You may not know how or where to get started, all you know is that you need a website for your awesome new company. One of the first things you should do, if you have not already, is get a Logo.

A logo is an extremely important part of you business and business branding. Think of some of the great logos over the years that you have seen that have stuck with you. Golden Arches? Yes that is an easy one. What about the Nike ‘swoosh’. Another iconic example of how important a logos to your brand.

When deciding on a logo it's important to have an idea of what you want. Even if all you know is you want the main logo color to be a certain color or if it's important to you to incorporate an important graphic. You should also hire a professional graphic artist or design team. Make sure when shopping for your new logo that the company you will be going with will be giving you the logo in many image formats. Typically you should receive a ‘.jpg’ image, a ‘.eps’ image, and a ‘.png’ image. The most important file type to receive is the ‘.eps’ file type. Do not accept a logo without this file type. This is a vector image that will allow you to scale the logo size without losing clarity of the image.

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