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Well it’s officially the year 2020. You have probably been saying to yourself for a while now ‘We really need a new website’. Well this is the year to finally get it done. If your website is old and out dated it could possible be hurting your business in more ways than one. The major search engines will lower your website in the search rankings if it is old and not a mobile friendly website. You want potential customers and clients to find your business on the first page of results, if your website is buried on page 3 or 4 of the results you have probably already lost potential customers. 


Speaking of a mobile friendly website, have you checked out your website on your phone lately? Is it easy to navigate? Do you have to zoom in to read the content or to click that very important link? If it is not mobile friendly and difficult for your potential customers they are probably clicking off of your website and going to your competitors website that is mobile friendly. Studies have shown that 80% of Americans surf the web using their smart phones. That’s a lot of potential web traffic that your business could be losing out of with an old out of date website.


Don’t wait any longer. Contact Us Today! We can set you up with an affordable mobile friendly website that will increase your web traffic. Now is the time!