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Before Lokking For A Web Developer

You have a great business started, but you need a website to start promoting your business? Having a general idea of your website needs before you start shopping around for a web developer can help streamline the process.

Will you be selling your product online? If you won't be selling a product online now, will you be selling online in the future? If you have a non ecommerce site built and later decide that you need to sell product online you might be setting yourself up for a large financial burden later. Upgrading s website to an ecommerce site can be a large project that incures substantial cost. It is a good idea to ask your web development company what costs would be involved if later you decide to start selling online. A web developer should be able to build an ecommerce site upfront and hide the ecommerce and payment areas and activate them when you are ready to start selling.

It is also a good idea of what type of web pages you may need. A basic web site you consists of a 'Home' page, 'About Us' page, and a 'Contact Us' page. Do you need a photo gallery? If you are selling items online how many products will you be selling? It can be difficult to know exactly how many pages you will need without speaking to web developer but having a general idea will definitely help.

Here are some basic things to consider when shopping for a new website

  • Will you sell items online?
  • How many products will you be selling?
  • If you are not selling products online now, will you have this need in the future?
  • General idea of the website pages you may need, and the content that will need to be displayed.
  • Do you need an area that you will be able to update periodically yourself (like a 'special of the month area)?

These are just some quick general things that would be beneficial for you to think about before looking for a web designer. Remember if they try to 'sell' you on something you are not sure that you will need ask them to clarify and explain the benefits to you.

Of course if you have any questions you can Contact Us any time and we would be more than happy to answer your questions.