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When and why should you reboot your computer? Rebooting your computer is large part of keeping your computer running
More Keyboard tips
Some more handy Windows shortcuts. If you have a bunch of apps open and want to get back to your desktop just hit Win + D key. This will immediately show your desktop.
Quick Mac Tip
Here is a quick mac tip that you might find handy. While you are reading a page online and
Quick Keyboard Shortcut
A quick and easy way to undo something you just did on the computer is by hitting Control + Z
Handy Keyboard Shortcut
Many times while you are working on the computer you find yourself needing to copy and paste some text..
Quick Web Tip
Do you update your site regularly?
Find that keyword
When looking for a keyword in a program or while on a web page hit..
What is a URL? The term URL is short for
Image FIle Types
There are many different image file formats that are in use today but a couple formats are mainly used in Web Design.
What is netiquette? This is etiquette as
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